We’re moving our blog + a new user spotlight post, to boot!

Hello All,

We are excited to report we’re making a move to a new home for our blog! With our new WordPress host, the University of Vermont Libraries, we can present our content to viewers without any advertisements, as well as gain greater controls over our blog’s layout and design. All previous posts have been moved to our new blog. We hope you’ll find our new space easy to navigate and view content!

To kick off our new blog website, we have a brand-new user spotlight interview with the Vermont Department of Transportation’s Brennan Gauthier, who serves as the Archaeologist for the Department. He has made some amazing discoveries with Chronicling America, and we were delighted he was willing to share just a few of his research successes with us.

OUR NEW BLOG: http://library.uvm.edu/vtnp



The VTDNP Team

P.S. While this WordPress account will no longer be updated by our team, it will remain up and available for the time being. We will eventually, and perhaps sooner than later, have this link directly over to our new blog site.

P.S.S. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, please feel free to contact us.




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