VTDNP to attend IFLA 2013 Satellite Meeting on Newspaper in Singapore

VTDNP Project Director, Birdie MacLennan and Project Librarian, Erenst Anip are heading to Singapore next week to attend IFLA 2013 Satellite Meeting on Newspaper and Genealogy and Local History (GENLOC) Sections, 14-15 August. Click on the link above for more info about the event.

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One Response to VTDNP to attend IFLA 2013 Satellite Meeting on Newspaper in Singapore

  1. vtdnp says:

    Additional context: In addition to attending the satellite meeting, Erenst will be presenting a paper that he co-authored with Jodie Matthos, of the Hawaii Digital Digital Newspaper Project, at the IFLA Newspapers Section Standing Committee forum, Tuesday, Aug. 20: Bringing the past to the people: outreach efforts and value-added content for chronicling America in Hawaii and Vermont (available on the IFLA website: http://library.ifla.org/257/) … a nice reflection on outreach efforts for two NDNP projects.

    Birdie has recently accepted a four year appointment (2013-2017) from the IFLA Governing Board as a member of the Newspapers Section Standing Committee and her term starts at the Singapore conference. You can read more about the Newspapers Section here: http://www.ifla.org/about-the-newspapers-section

    It will be an exceptional opportunity to learn about newspaper digitization and preservation efforts internationally and hopefully to bring some fruitful perspectives home to Vermont that might be applied to work that can happen around our NDNP efforts. Stay tuned for more ….

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