Vermont historical newspapers now available online!

Chronicling AmericaAs of this morning, our first batch of newspapers are now available on the Library of Congress Chronicling America page. This first batch includes close to 10,000 pages from the Vermont Farmer, Rutland Herald, and Burlington Free Press weekly edition. The Vermont papers can be viewed here . Once you have navigated to that page, use the calendar icon to browse issues of these titles, or search using the date range and search box above. We are very pleased to have our first batch of issues online–the result of over a year’s worth of work. I think you will find that the wait has been well worth it once you take a look at the Vermont newspaper pages. Vermont now has the earliest pages available out of all the states on Chronicling America. The pages from the 1830s predate any others available. These pages on this first batch also include Civil War era issues of the Burlington Free Press. I was browsing the July and August 1861 issues and was pleased to see letters from a soldier correspondent from the Vermont 2nd, marching through Northern Virginia.

Now that these papers are available, we plan to post weekly links to issues 150 and 175 years ago for a given week in the hopes of enhancing your experience with these great historical Vermont Newspapers.

In the coming months, we look forward to making available tens of thousands more Vermont newspaper pages from titles around the state. These newspapers are freely searchable, and are a very small part of your federal tax dollars at work. We hope these titles, and those to come, will enhance interest and understanding of Vermont’s great history. The research and education value of these images is evident, and we are optimistic that you will find compelling and interesting material in this collection. Enjoy, and be on the lookout for more pages and titles coming soon!

Tom McMurdo

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2 Responses to Vermont historical newspapers now available online!

  1. Rebecca Bromley says:

    This is a really great project. I’m doing genealogy research and have already found several relevant pieces of information for my project. Plus it’s simply fascinating to read the news and the ads from that era. Thank you for your work!

    • Maryanne Johnson Esgate says:

      Dear Rebecca,
      This will either be a “blast from the past,” or you will think I’m crazy. Maybe it’s both. If you are who I think you are, we met in Montreal at French Summer School in 1960. We traveled together during 1961-62 in Europe, and you were maid of honor at my wedding. I so miss being in touch with you and happily remember Christmas in Oslo 1961. If you are the Becky I know, and feel so inclined, I can be reached at I still live in Decorah. Maryanne

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